The pedagogical approach of Santa Terezinha School is based on Traditional Pedagogy, which emphasizes formal logic and concepts assimilation to understand reality. The knowledge is cumulative, systematic and meritocratic, organized in curriculums that provide a plan of action to the teacher and the student. In this vision, we seek formal education, with pre determined and fixed sequences of contents specified in the Pedagogical Political Project, with written materials that undergo changes according to new parameters.
The teacher certifies and transmits knowledge acquired in an efficient and methodical way, developing the students’ reasoning skills and curiosity, and from this comprehension, new knowledge is built and, consequently, differentiated behaviors.
It’s an active and investigative approach, in which the student receives concepts that, along with fixation exercises, make learning more secure and comprehensive.


Art is not for leisure purposes only, it also prepares us for life. On the theatre’s stage, extracurricular classes of dance and theatre are performed. It is also used to support the students’ pedagogical presentations.


Used more by the Child Education students, it collaborates with child development, besides being a fun activity that helps the balance in a ludic and recreational way.
It contributes in an integral manner with the cognitive, emotional and social aspects, besides the physical.


Space where the students certainly stay longer. It is here that the communication between teacher and student is concretized. All acclimated, with the help of digital boards, they contribute in a decisive manner with the appropriation of knowledge.


The sentry-box can be found in the most strategic place of the School. That’s where the main gate is and a doorman works from 7am to 8pm, with the function of hosting, orientating and identifying all people that arrive at and leave School.


There are two modern sports courts. One in official size, and the other one smaller. It holds various sports modalities as well as sports initiation projects and the practice of physical education.


Here the students learn and assimilate Science Concepts. Here, all the information around us start to be exposed and understood. How they are in nature and their actions and evolutions. Space where the students seek answers for their enquiries.


Space where the School’s soul resides. A privileged space where teachers’ and students’ information and knowledge are stored. A place to practice reading and even leisure.


With forty comfortable chairs, it’s a space destined to classes in which good image and quality sound are needed.


It’s a collective accommodation for students that occasionally need accommodation when their family members are busy. Bookings directly at the School Office.


Place to host with safety all who arrive here. Place where the break and formation of lines to go to classroom happen and location where the National Anthem is sang every Monday.


The computer lab is a place where students from Pre School to 4th Grade enjoy extracurricular and interactive classes.